Affiliate Marketing For Newbies – Simple Tips On Affiliate Marketing

Are you looking for tips on affiliate marketing and how to get started? Today let me share with you some simple and easy pointers for you to get started.Affiliate-Marketing-For-Newbies-Simple-Tips-On-Affiliate-Marketing-dailysnapshot-daily-income

For a start, you need to know what niche you want to target.

There are many profitable niches that you can target if you go to the ClickBank marketplace. I recommend that you go there. As a guideline, you can pick a niche that you are either familiar with or passionate about. Once you have narrowed down on a niche, choose one product that you want to promote. You can look at the gravity score as a gauge on how profitable the product is. The higher the score, the better the product sells! If you see that a gravity score that is not too high for most of the products in the niche then that could be an indicator that the niche is not profitable and it would be a good idea to look for a different product in a different niche.

Once you have decided on what product you want to promote, it is time to create a simple website for that product.

But first, I recommend you do some research on keywords. Head over to the Google keyword planner and do a search on keywords. Type a keyword that is related to your niche and look at the keyword ideas that the keyword planner generates for you. As a general rule of thumb, pick keywords that get at least 2,000 monthly search volumes. This step is to ensure that you pick keywords that get good demand. You can make do with 7 to 10 keywords. Once you have your keywords ready, you can start building your website.

Building your website isn’t a difficult step. I recommend getting a web host such as Hostgator that runs on cPanel. You can use the QuickInstall function to install a simple WordPress website. After that, write articles based on the keywords you have picked and then publish them. Be sure to add your affiliate link at the bottom of each article so people will have a link to the product  you are recommending.

Now that you have your website up, you need to promote it.

Since you already have those articles, I recommend you submit them to article and document directories. You will not be allowed to leave your affiliate link there, but you can leave a link back to your website and that is what you should do.

Also, you can have videos made for really low cost that will promote the product or website.

Sites like you can have videos made for as low as 5 Dollars! Then upload those videos to Youtube or other video sites. Your videos can have links in the description that people can click on that will take them to the product that you are recommending! And, the Traffic from YouTube is FREE!

And don’t forget about Facebook.

You most likely ALREADY have an account there. Why not CREATE a PAGE about your passion/website or affiliate product. Its FREE to do this, there is NO COST.  And its another place where you can get FREE TRAFFIC.  Facebook has so many members, why not show people what you are recommending!

I hope you have learned something from these tips on affiliate marketing.

I wish you GREAT success in your affiliate marketing ventures.


To Your Success!






Michael Adams, MCSE
Reno, NV USA

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