A Review of the 8 Week Action Plan at Wealthy Affiliate

The 8 Week Action Plan is the centerpiece of the education setup at the Wealthy Affiliate University. In case you were not already familiar with the topic, Wealthy Affiliate claims to teach and equip budding internet marketers with the skills needed to forge a job on the internet. Let me give you my review of the 8 Week Action Plan.

The 8 Week Action Plan is the main center for education at Wealthy Affiliate. It is advised that all new members go through the course in order to get up to speed with internet marketing. There are 8 lessons to the course, of which each lesson is made available each week. It is possible to go back to old lessons. The Action Plan pretty much covers what it claims to, covering topics like choosing a campaign style (what they are), free and paid marketing techniques and info on how Wealthy Affiliate can help. Most of the lessons take about 20 minutes or so to complete, and the homework probably about 40 minutes or so… which isn’t a whole lot when you actually think about it.

After re-analyzing the plan, I discovered most of the lessons actually just point to other tutorials based on the website (which, I point out are all available from day one… hmm). A quick look through these tutorials will yield some odd things, for example, each tutorial has an estimated time for completion, which usually is about 2 hours. They do not. They take less then 5 minutes to complete and tick off.

Ah ha, is that because they are of such high quality that much can be said in a short space? Well…no. In my opinion, most of the resources do feel quite rushed, and are a bit dated. They also don’t explain everything which they should do (how can you explain paid advertising in 5 paragraphs?). However, that being said, I did find that both the tutorials and the 8 Week Action Plan has given me a very good understanding of the way internet marketing works. So that’s good.

Overall, the Wealthy Affiliate 8 Week Action plan is quite good for getting people up to speed with internet marketing. It gave me quite a good foundation despite its shortcomings. I would advise people though to ask questions of what they don’t understand, and spend some time looking through the forum for people in similar situations.

To learn everything there is to know about the 8 Week Action Plan and Wealthy Affiliate, download my free guide below.

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