Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneur’s 7 B’s – “Build Better Businesses by Bravely Being Brilliant”

Technology is moving at the speed of mind. Business is moving at the speed of sales. Online Businesses and Affiliate Marketing are the power of both. As an Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneur are you implementing the Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneur’s 7 B’s of ” Build Better Businesses By Bravely Being Brilliant”?

The world of business is as diverse and vast as your mind can imagine. While you might be working on a proposal for a new product, a counterpart in another country could be building the assembly line to produce a new product and a third person could be doing something as diversely different as putting together a set for a new musical. So you might ask, “so what”? Well in the early 60’s and 70’s the process to do these tasks would have been very tedious, laborious and time consuming. It would not have incorporated the technology to the level it has evolved today. This same technology is going to make your life easier and wealthier once you apply it.

Today, the proposal manager doesn’t have to retype his proposal over and over on a typewriter at the expense of several or hundreds of trees; the assembly line engineer doesn’t have to move equipment and machines around several different times and ways exhausting his staff and crew to get things in the correct sequence; the set designer doesn’t have to work endless hours laying out models to put the sets together fluidly for the new musical. Technology has evolved into making these processes amazingly easier by simply applying the correct software, inputting the right parameters to seamlessly solve these business problems.

Simply put, we all can “Build Better Businesses By Bravely Being Brilliant”. Our brilliance and creativity has not been replaced but our hours of tedious time consuming labor has been. Automation is a marvelous thing. The proposal manager can simply word process his proposal and have it reviewed before printing the final copy; the assembly line engineer can organize his line using a graphic and analysis software to create the most optimal path; the set designer can completely layout and storyboard the musical without wasting untold time and effort by construction staff to get it right.

So how does all this apply to Affiliate Marketing. Amazingly, you and I can sit at home and literally bounce our ideas and “brilliance” off of people/bloggers throughout the world to determine if you have a market and if it is a good market. You can identify “keywords” for your campaign by pressing a button and tie it all together in a matter of minutes and hours what would have been impossibly time and resource consuming only 5 years ago. Your ability to “Build Better Businesses By Bravely Being Brilliant” is only limited by how “Bravely Brilliant” and creative you are! Your ability to think not in one, two or three dimensions but in dimensions that extend over the World Wide Web is how mind can conquer matter! This is no less than awesome. With very little money, physical effort or valuable time put down, you can reap the rewards and wealth of making a successful business from the convenience of your own home.

Your grandfather and even father couldn’t imagine that in their lifetime. Now it is up to you to pass on this new technological advantage to your children and grandchildren so they can reap the benefits of a brave new world and “Build Better Businesses By Bravely Being Brilliant”!

Next time I will discuss the Affiliate Marketers 6 C’s, “”Charisma, Charm, Clairvoyance, Character, Cheerfulness and Confidence”

The world of internet marketing is a vast untapped frontier. Everything is moving at an exponential rate. Your success is directly proportional to your effort. What you need is a coach to help motivate you to a successful online business. If you want to learn more go to 4-Day Money Making Blueprint or Quick Ways to Make Money

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