Beginner Affiliate Marketing Tips – The Best Ways to Find a Niche That Pays

It can seem hard to find a great niche, whether you’re creating niche websites or doing niche campaigns on Squidoo or other web 2.0 platforms. People can make it really hard though, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

How to find a buying niche

When you want to find a “buying niche” think about where people are going to buy and then go look and see what it is they are buying. You can generally find keywords for those things that aren’t very competitive at all.

Going to shopping dot com is my favorite place to look. You can see all the products they sell, and when you click in any category they are shown by popularity. This tells you people are already buying what is there.

A little quick keyword research and you can usually find plenty of keywords that will be easy to rank for. When you’re doing this technique try to look for products that are in the higher price range. This way you can monetize with amazon or eBay and still get a nice commission check.

The benefits of looking for physical product niches are:

They are evergreen, people are always going to need a washing machine, or a bed. They never go out of style.

You can sell from a trusted source, like Amazon and gain credibility from their name.

You can benefit from Amazon’s amazing use of upsell, because you get commission on any product someone buys when they go through your link. You may sell a dishwasher, and then they realize they need dish soap, and jet dry etc, all of that adds up, and so does your commission.

The niches are a  LOT less competitive. You can find niches with over 75k searches a month and not one competitive site on Squidoo and minimal competition on Google.

These are the  kinds of niches you are looking for, because it means you can quickly and easily get to the top of Google search listings with minimal work, and begin to get tons of free traffic to your site, and buying through your link.

Bottom line Don’t make finding a niche harder than it has to be. The niche(s) you choose is where your money is at. For more information about choosing niches and creating an income online I invite you to grab my FREE newsletter The Wahm Way. Each weekly edition is chock full of actionable information to help you create a full time income in the next 12 months or less. You also receive the FREE report “3 Keys to Huge Commission Checks” with your subscription. So grab them both now at

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