Direct Marketing Vs Online Marketing Without Talking to Anyone

Social Differences between Direct Marketing and an Online Business

About 4 years ago I started direct marketing and loved the interaction with very successful people watching your team become financially successful. This becomes possible by talking directly to your friends, family, the mail man, and etc. Then you take them to a meeting with very motivated speakers that will hype you up so much that you feel like that you are already a millionaire. I really enjoyed all of that fun stuff, but the only thing that bothers me the most about direct marketing is that there will be people that will become offended by you offering them your business proposal. You will gain some friends and loose some. You can become successful at direct marketing without involving your family and friends.
I am now in the online marking business due to the convenience to not have to travel as much to give a presentation to one person. But if you gain a close relationship with one very motivated person that wants to grow your business, then you will have a powerful organization. Online Marketing will not give you as much of an opportunity to become as attached to your team compared to direct marketing.

You will probably not even know 80-90% of your organization if you turn to online marketing. Usually people buy into a business opportunity online, follow your instructions on your website on how to market the product, and that is that. There was no need to talk to them.

To tell you the truth, I do miss direct marketing, and am planning to get back into it, but if you want a fast lucrative income without a worry of talking to any one, turn to online marketing, but if you want a fun life with lifelong friends and memories, then direct marketing is for you. Either way, you can earn a ton of money with either one of these marketing techniques.

Michael Tveter

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