Email Marketing – 3 Reasons to Use Email Marketing to Make Money Online

After spending a few years fumbling around making money here and there online, I have learned the most solid, consistent way of doing it is to make email marketing central to your sales marketing strategy.

Back in 2004, I naively drove traffic straight to merchant sites using affiliate links. A while later, I created landing pages so visitors would see something different, although I neglected to include any opt in form. Crazy, yes… what can I say I was a newbie. I quickly learned concentrating all efforts into driving traffic for one-time sales was only benefiting the merchant, not me.

That’s when I realized the importance of follow-up. Although previous landing pages were filled with targeted content and some personalized information, sales didn’t double or become more consistent until I added an autoresponder opt in form which gave me the lucrative opportunity to follow-up with visitors.

Which leads to the number one reason to use email marketing to make money online…

Reason No. 1 – Follow-Up

Follow-up allows you the opportunity to expose your product or offer to visitors beyond their initial visit. It gives you the chance to present your offer in more detail and answer common questions (FAQs) before they’re even asked in your follow-up emails. Providing answers before they are asked (reading a subscriber’s mind) will slide sales right into your account.

What’s great is when visitors opt into your form to receive additional information, they are expressing interest to learn more & granting permission for further contact from you. This places you in an excellent selling position. You are now graced with another opportunity to “CAPTURE THE SALE”. How cool is that? Right! Just remember…

Email Marketing = More Exposure = More Opportunities To Follow-Up With Quality Content = More Money

This flows nicely into the second reason…

Reason No. 2 – A Single Email Can Equal Mass Sales

Once you have established a trustworthy relationship with subscribers by sharing quality free content and making recommendations that actively helps them in some way, you will have cultivated a list where a single email promotion can equal massive sales. Such a privilege is akin to having an ATM in your desktop.

There is nothing more exhilarating in internet marketing than making a great product recommendation to your email list and having them respond with enthusiastic profits that start rolling in almost instantly. Just be careful to never take your list for granted; they are after all real-live people. Treat them with respect, not money machines.

Reason No. 3 – Automation

The beauty of having an automated marketing system that consistently brings in sales is it’s the closest thing to being able to “set & forget it”. Email marketing automation beats offline methods of follow-up any day.

Would you rather spend hours pitching prospects, answering questions, arming yourself with rebuttals, dealing with rejection… all aimed to capture one sale -OR- load up an autoresponder with meaty content equally aligned with money-making offers set to act as your automated sales force? I’d go with the latter. I’m sure you agree, that is if you understand the value of time/freedom & are serious about having a successful online business that will continually make you money.

Automation is key to success and profitability, both in the short and long-term. Having an automated email system for interested prospects to opt into, immediately positions you to receive automated sales. Automation allows you to leverage sales in countless, creative ways. I’ll leave you with this “food for thought”…

~ Millionaires Understand The Power of Automation & Leverage ~

So if you ever question whether email marketing is worth taking the time to establish as a central part of your marketing strategy, remind yourself of the “3 Reasons”… 1) Multiple Follow-Up Opportunities To Capture Sales, 2) One Email Can = Mass Sales, 3) Leveraged Automation.

The world is yours.

About The Author:
Mic Ambrose is an email marketing & list building expert who shares proven strategies to increasing email marketing profits. Sign up for the Email Marketing Overdrive 6-Figure Jumpstart where you’ll discover short-cut secrets to earning 00’s weekly in email profits and how to improve your opt-in rate by more than 50%. Visit

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