Internet Marketing Success Requires Patience

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Far too often beginning Internet marketers begin that career with very unrealistic expectations. There are a variety of reasons for these fallacies in their thinking. The least of which are the hundreds, if not thousands of offers out there promising the beginner that riches are just around the corner if they’ll buy a certain product or service. Many of these offers are downright scams. One of the most popular examples of these scams are the copy and paste ideas that suggest simply entering data into forms can result in thousands of dollars per day of income.

One should always remember that if an offer sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is. Many offers that promise quick success are not actually scams but they don’t tell the full story either. Yes it is possible to make great deals of money in a short amount of time on the Internet. However, in order to do that, the Internet marketer requires a solid set of basic skills and a foundation of knowledge for how Internet marketing works.

For example, I talk with many beginning Internet marketers and find out they don’t have any concept what so ever of what lead generation is. Most of them simply believe that establishing a profitable online business is a matter of “build it and they will come”. Most beginners think that building the website is the hardest part of the process. Granted, there is a steep learning curve for building that first website. But quite honestly, that is the most simple piece of the puzzle. All the offers that promise tremendous income in a short amount of time, if they are not scams, require the Internet marketer to brain thousands, if not tens of thousands, of visitors to a website.

New marketers fail to understand the concept of conversion rates. In Internet marketing website that converts three sales per hundred visitors are doing remarkably well. This is a 3% conversion rate. In the real world anything between one and 2% is quite good. Therefore, with a 1% conversion rate, 1000 visitors could result in 10 sales on the website. In truth, those new to the business will not even enjoy anywhere near a 1% conversion rate for quite some time. There are simply too many aspects that must be done correctly before successful conversion rates are enjoyed.

And this is not even to mention the issue of traffic to the website. Many beginners simply believe they can purchase this traffic via pay per click programs. Pay per click is a viable solution for earning income online but it is one of the hardest areas of Internet marketing to master. Countless beginners have thrown thousands of dollars into pay per click campaigns with little or no success. Search engine optimization is the preferred method since no investment were continuing payments are required for traffic that is gaining that way.

However, the downside to using search engine optimization for attracting quality traffic to one’s website is that the process requires significant work and time before any success can be seen with the method. Beginners simply do not have the patience in most cases to invest the time and work required to build up the traffic using search engines. And here again, there are many products willing to step in and instantly satisfy the beginners need for bringing traffic to a website. I’ve talked with countless people who purchased so-called traffic packages that promise to bring in tens of thousands of page views to a website for less than $ 100. Needless to say, these are all scams. Sure, the payments to these scammers will result in 10,000 page views. But what the beginner does not understand is that the scammer is also paying fractions of pennies to other people to simply click on large lists of websites with no intentions of buying anything.

That’s just one example of how new Internet marketers can easily be taken advantage of without a solid foundation of skills and education under their belt. If one is not willing to invest three to six months of very intensive practice and learning to build even the most basic Internet marketing skills, then it’s advised those without the patience should definitely look elsewhere for a new career other than Internet marketing.

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