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I have had many questions from people on what are good strategies to find people in direct marketing. I used to be one of those big go getters who go out and leave flyers on cars, doorsteps, signs, lawns, dogs, cots, and etc. Then I go and talk to every single person that I meet and tell them about my business proposal to them. I have done pretty well with my direct marketing, but it is a heck of a lot of work then what I wished for it to become.

If you want to cut your efforts in half the time of my old strategies, then I would recommend you to mix your direct marketing in your public area to the whole world with internet marketing.

You may already have a duplicate website given to you by your organizations, but when prospects visit your website, they don’t want to see the sales page, they want to see the “YOU” page. They want to know who YOU are and what YOU do. Once your prospects see your personal website that explains why you are a part of this business and how it has changed your life, then the website will become more personal to them, and that the website is more than a screen that they are looking at, but it is you who they are looking at. If you can sell yourself before your sales page, you have just sold your product.

You can still go out and chase those prospects of yours day in or day out, but I would recommend marketing your business on the internet a little more if you tend to stick with direct marketing. I love affiliate marketing and am not sure if I will ever leave it, but maybe someday I will go back to direct marketing.

Michael Tveter

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