Platinum Explosion at Wealthy Affiliates, What’s it All About

The decision has finally been made! Wealthy Affiliate Platinum is here at long last. The wait is over and we can all get on with learning about the newest concepts in internet marketing.

Trying to learn internet marketing is not quite as easy as many would have you believe. It is just like learning anything else, it takes time.

Imagine if you were trying to learn how to fly an airplane for example. Would they let you in the pilot’s seat of a Boeing 747? Wow, I certainly hope not. No, more like a small Cessna or something like that.

First you would need to grasp an understanding of the basics of how to fly an airplane. You need to get the classroom learning done before you even get into the ‘plane.

And that is exactly the same as it is with learning to do internet marketing. You cannot start off right at the top and earning thousands of dollars every month, as much as you might want to.

You cannot fly the 747, you need to start with the Cessna. Absolutely no difference with learning how to use the internet to earn a living. It is six of one and half a dozen of the other.

Enter Wealthy Affiliate University Platinum. The newest incarnation of WAU which promises the easiest and best way to get a thorough grounding in internet marketing. If you decide to join us-and I hope you do-you will see that I often use an expression in the forums there.

First you learn, then you earn. That’s it, very simple. First you learn, then you earn. Got it?

Once you get your head wrapped around this extremely simple idea and can accept that this is what you need to do, the battle is already half won.

My friend Steve the gorilla and I are inviting everyone interested in learning all about internet marketing to join us for the fun ride in store at Wealthy Affiliate University. Please join us for a peek by going to and for heavens sake, bring your sense of humour.

Keith Elliott is a retired builder with interests in Astronomy, Architecture, Japanese Gardening, Photography, Writing, Woodworking and anything else that doesn’t move. He is cheerfully learning internet marketing and earning some of his income online.

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