Pot Pie Girl – Don’t Hate Her Because Her Affiliate Marketing Plan is Beautiful

Who is Jennifer “Pot Pie Girl” Ledbetter, and why are people saying such wonderful things about her?

She wasn’t much different from you or me — trying to juggle four children, two jobs, a new marriage and too many bills. She found herself under fire from the same financial pressures as the rest of us. Building an extra income through Internet marketing seemed like the ideal answer, so she set out to figure out how.

So-called Internet “gurus” came at her from every direction with promises of overnight riches which yielded nothing, and advice that ranged from being inexcusably expensive to possibly illegal. The more she learned about keywords, research, monetizing, and free web accounts, the more confusing it got — and the more her bank balance shrunk.

But instead of surrendering to frustration and concluding that Internet marketing was indeed a scam, she accepted that she wasn’t going to get rich quick and that there were no shortcuts to be had. Stubbornly, she fought through her fog of too much information.

For instance, she broke down her paralyzing goal of making $ 100,000 a year into a more earthly one of making $ 200 a day. Then she developed a routine that would allow her to find and research a product, then get it in the Web, within 7 days, week after week. Along the way, she picked up a digital pen pal, mentoring a fellow frustrated “newbie” named Nick via e-mail.

The next thing she knew, Pot Pie Girl WAS making $ 100,000 a year.

Now she turned the fruit of her labor into the One Week Marketing Action Plan, and it flirts heavily with perfection. With the emphasis on researching keywords, using free web sites like Squidoo, and free or very low-cost software, she’ll teach you to think beyond mere advertising and about systematically creating an entire marketing campaign that can translate into long-term passive income

The plan keeps the jargon light and the pep talk heavy, while you’re easily guided through domain-name only Web hosts, search engine optimization, even using pay-per-click. And if that’s not step-by-step enough for you, the plan also includes Conversations With Nick — a diary of of the e-mails that took Nick from frustration to three sales within a week of Pot Pie Girl’s guidance, and beyond.

So who is Jennifer “Pot Pie Girl” Ledbetter, and why are people saying such wonderful things about her? Because her affiliate marketing plan turns confusion and frustration into empowerment and financial reward. And because it works. The One Week Marketing Action Plan can be ordered at http://www.profitonlineforbeginners.com/one-week-marketing. Also available is a free preview of the first chapter.

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