Relationship Building With Your Prospects in Affiliate Marketing

Your success in affiliate marketing will center in two major areas; first, the amount of effort and time invested in learning and properly marketing your products, and, second, the relationships that you will be able to build not only with the customers, but also with the merchants and sub-affiliates which you recruit. Don’t look at people mostly as “dollar signs”; you must take sincere interest in them as people if you are to expect their loyalty and cooperation in helping you build your business.

Here are some important points to consider as you develop these relationships;

1) Try making favorable first impressions. Your website should be attractive, well organized and carefully thought out. Navigation should be easy, with attractive and original content. Leave options for comments and e-mail opt-ins. Answer questions thoroughly and in a timely manner .Media such as audio and video are a plus.

2) Personalize your email communications. Write your correspondence as if you were talking to a friend. Do not push products in your e-mails. These should be used to draw the interest of your customer, and establish your knowledge and authority in related subjects. Let the product more or less sell itself.

3) Try to elicit feedback from your customers in a personal way. For example, you can use a survey form to elicit responses from your customers. People are usually quite willing to answer surveys. These responses will guide your efforts as to how to present your product to entice the customer in a more effective manner.

4) After the sale, be sure to send a “Thank You” note or else refer the customer to a “Thank You” page. Be sure to leave contact info in case there are any issues with the product. If possible, a “Thank You” phone call would be ideal.

5) Establish an honest presence. Do not try to “short-change”. If a customer wants a refund, give it promptly without creating a conflict or argument. A well handled customer complaint can sometimes result in the customer buying one of your other products or referring other customers to your business. Give the customer more than what he or she expects, and your business will grow steadily.

These points are important in helping you build the foundation of your business. For further information, CLICK HERE:

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