Super Affiliate Traffic Strategies – Some Unorthodox, But Effective Methods

Are you an affiliate or super affiliate? You see to get Super Affiliate Traffic streams; you have to be disciplined and creative. Here are some of things I do to ensure hoards of visitors to my niche sites.

1. Rebrand A Private Label Report And Go Viral
Rewrite some of the content and give it away to website owners in your niche. For example, if you are in the dog training niche. Give your private label rights report to website owners, to give to their list. Make sure that the report links back to your minisite. Secondly, join some relevant dog training forums, build a reputation with the forum members and then make a thread offering the special report, once you’ve done that, make sure that your forum signature links to the thread where you gave the report away. It’s a simple and effective way of getting traffic, but more importantly build your brand.

2. Write And Submit Press Releases
Submitting press releases will give you a burst of Super Affiliate Traffic. You can hire someone to write the press release for you, or write it yourself. If you are doing it yourself, make sure that you write the report in an informative manner. Know your audience and remember, the information has to be relevant. It is better to submit press releases when there is a reason to do so. For example, if you are operating in the back pain niche, if there is a new discovery in the area of back-pain, it gives you a reason to submit the press release. That way, you will get alot more traffic- almost on demand. Also, it helps you brand yourself because the audience will see you as someone who is at the cutting edge of your niche.

3. Join Forums And Give Away Value
Doing this properly takes time. The aim is to join a forum and build a rapport with other members by giving ‘valuable’ information totally free. Also, place an anchor link in the sig file, linking back to your site. Every time you post, you get a backlink, if you do it properly you’ll build trust with the forum members, and can become a kind of Guru within the community. Take a look at all other major forums online and you’ll see other marketers who are doing this. People are magnetically drawn to them and buy anything they sell simply because of the reputation they’ve built upon the forum. This is a long term strategy, but is a proven Super Affiliate Traffic strategy. Go take a look at other forums in your niche.

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