The 6 T’s of Affiliate Marketing Truth – Ie, Today, Tomorrow, Timing to the Test

Technology is moving at the speed of mind. Business is moving at the speed of sales. Online Businesses are the power of both. An Affiliate Marketing Truth is Today, Tomorrow, Timing to the Test” is exactly what it says, to be successful in Affiliate Marketing you must find/create a business and provide it to the customer when he needs it, timing is everything!

In 1992, I was working for one of the most prestigious banks in America. I was the Vice President/ Program Manager for a novel product at the time that was going to revolutionize the banking industry. I was commuting between New York City and Vienna, Austria to work with our manufacturer. Guess what? Have you ever heard of the ” Enhanced Telephone”? Likely not. Even though this project lasted for several years expending millions of dollars it never became reality simply because we failed to think about ” Today, Tomorrow, Timing To The Test”.

The ” Enhanced Telephone” was a state of the art telephone in which the customer simply picked up the handset (yes handset’s connected to a phone are almost non-existence today) and the phone would automatically connect the customer to the bank, login to their account to allow them to do their banking on-line. In 1992, this functionality was not available and even though it was a technologically “brilliant” idea, it failed the timing test because as a team we forgot of ” Today, Tomorrow, Timing to the Test”. The marketplace was not ready for the product. You’ve heard the expression ” timing is everything” and it is so true. Back then, ” Today” we were working so hard that we were ” chopping down all the trees and not observing the forest,” so ” Tomorrow” the opportunity was missed and we failed to put ” Timing to the Test”. We didn’t realize that if we “built” it they MAY NOT “come”.

To further contribute to the demise of the “Enhanced Telephone” was the timing of the banking industry being slammed with a major recession. This was the backlash of the leveraged buy-outs of the day. The result was that I, along with over 6,000 of my co-workers, were laid off.

So, learn from this very expensive and painful mistake. Be sure to be sure that the product/market/industry you are going to sell has been put through the 6 T’s of Truth? Will the product be needed ” Today” and ” Tomorrow” and put ” Timing to the Test”!

Next time, I will discuss the 5B’s of Affiliate Marketing Winning, i.e. ” Better Business By Being Brilliant”.

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