Things to Consider Before You Purchase Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Before you make a decision to purchase Wealthy Affiliate membership, let’s have a quick reminder of what you get for your money.


Some people are a little put off by the thought of committing to a monthly subscription. And I don’t blame them. Nothing can be more dispiriting that seeing a chunk of cash going out of the door every month if you don’t feel you’re getting value for money. It’s happened to me and I daresay it’s happened to you in the past too.


Well, let me reassure you. With the Wealthy Affiliate University the value is virtually limitless. And I’ll tell you why:

· Sure there’s the programmed training at various experience levels

· Sure, there’s Site Rubix, the website builder.

· Sure there Rapid Writer the article writing software that incorporates a keyword research tool.

· Sure there’s Niche Q, a monthly, incredibly detailed and well-researched report on niche opportunities.

· Sure there are the fully SEO’d website templates. · Sure, there are the research tools.

· Sure there is the link-cloaking software.

· Sure there’s the free site hosting facility.

The list goes on…

The People

But what makes the Wealthy Affiliate University so special is the people. There are the two guys at the top. Real experts in their field who are more than happy to give you personal advice whenever you need it – just pm them. And it’s real advice, not some pre-programmed automatic response. There are other experts too, just waiting to help you get to the top. And they really want you to do well.

The Forum

And there’s the forum. I’ve been in lots of forums in the past but I’ve never seen one like this, where you are welcomed as a fellow marketer on equal terms, not treated with suspicion until you prove yourself.

Got The Message

I could go on, and on but I think by now you’ve probably got the message. Your decision to purchase Wealthy Affiliate membership is probably one of the wisest things you’ve done in your affiliate marketing career and they’ll help you recoup the subscription hundreds of times over.

There’s a good reason that the Wealthy Affiliate University is the #1 Affiliate Marketing training site on the internet. There’s no hype, no fluff, just pure, solid, structured training and all the resources you could ever need. See for yourself how you can make 00 a day at

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