Using Squidoo As a Clipboard For Bum Marketing

Making money on the internet needs not be a gamble. But it is quite unfortunate this fact is not known to most people. Many opportunity seekers spend $ 100s monthly on various money making or get rich quick programs only to find out that they have been ripped off again and again. Internet marketing takes time to be mastered and it requires a lot of learning and practicing before you can really have a from understanding of the whole thing. From Pay to Click to Pay to Read; from AdSense to AdWords; from traffic exchanges to auto-surf, from online trading to HYIP, full education and training is needed to succeed in all these lines of business. You must study any system properly before you dabble into it. Otherwise, instead of achieving your dream you end up digging your own financial grave.

In view of the above that one can  always recommend Bum Marketing for newbies who have not been making much money on the internet. With bum marketing, all the risk involving money has been completely eliminated. That means you can now operate with complete peace of mind without any fear of possible loss. In other words, with bum marketing you can only make money you cannot lose money.

What really is bum marketing? It simply means article marketing. The term “Bum Marketing” was invented by Travis Sago, a professional article writer and to whom many bum marketers owe their success. It is a way of making money by helping people find what they are looking for using articles submitted to some article directories or other article sites. If you have a product you are promoting from say Clickbank or other affiliate site, just include your link or website in your article so that people can follow the link to purchase the item through you. By pre-selling the item, the owner will pay you commission on any item you so pre-sell.

The websites that are most popular among bum marketers are Ezine Articles, Go-Articles, US Free Ads, Blogger, Word Press and Squidoo. Ezine Articles and US Free Ads seem to be preferred by many bum marketers because articles or classifieds published in them tend to appear on the first pages of Google fast than those published elsewhere. But none of these websites is as addictive as Squidoo. The moment a bum marketer have a taste of Squidoo, he might be so much impressed that he would be completely hooked up and forget about any other article publishing website. Some of the features that attract article publishers to Squidoo include the following:

– Squidoo is user friendly. You do not need any special knowledge to make a lens.
– You are provided with a personal home page and a workshop making you feel like you own the site.
– Every lens you publish looks like a professional website making you proud of your work.
– Every time you publish a lens, you receive words of encouragement and this make you have an indescribable feeling of achievement. This gears you up to make more lens.
– Squidoo gives you many avenues to make money with your lens without you having to think of which product to promote. All the hard work have been done for you by Squidoo Team.

With all the reasons above, there is no doubt that every active bum marketer using Squidoo will definitely be addicted. Every time and every moment, what will be going on in your mind is how to make your next lens and what and what should you include in the content. In the morning, you will be thinking of how to finish what you have just started and before you go to bed, you will be thinking of what to write in tomorrow’s lens.

If time is not taken, you will eventually have limited time for fun and more importantly, your family and friends will start complaining. In fact, you may end up being less romantic and just imagine what reaction you should expect from your wife or husband. Don’t dare show Squidoo to your spouse or you may not be able to get his/her attention as often as before. This is Squidoo addiction. Beware, it is very contagious. Am I addicted yet? Yes, but sorry I don’t need a cure, thanks.

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